Tuesday 3 September 2013

Cartography Conference in Wrong Location Shock

The British Cartographic Society is holding its 50th Anniversary conference in Leicestershire, UK in 2013 (now, as I write).  Their very first get-together was in Leicester and so, reasonably, the desire was to return for the 2013 celebration. The venue is Hothorpe Hall...whose postal address is in Leicestershire except someone forgot to check the map because it's actually in Northamptonshire, its southerly neighbouring County.  Can there be a more delicious slice of cartographic irony for a mapping conference?

That thick black line represents the County boundary between Leicestershire (to the North) and Northamptonshire.  The River Welland is the border and flows about 50 yards north of Hothorpe Hall itself.

It's OK though...isn't this what OpenStreetMap is for?  I quickly fired it up and made a face-saving edit to the location of the County administrative boundary...

There...everyone can relax and get on with the conference which is now, according to the latest digital mapping technology (so it must be right...right?), back in Leicestershire.

PS...no, of course I didn't save the edit

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