Monday 4 March 2013

Troll kalla mik

"They call me a troll." Actually, that's not true...not everyone. In fact, hardly anyone... It's an odd term that's become associated with the notion that someone disrupts a conversation in social media by posting off-topic. Except that this blog is on-topic. Exploring how a map or a mapping technique might be improved is constructive criticism.  Occasionally an example causes consternation it's true; but what is social media if not a place to share opinions? I could do it anonymously but prefer not to hide. If you're offended by opinion then it doesn't mean you are right.

Here's a funny thing though...if someone has such a profound objection to your ideas how would they know what you're talking about in order to comment on? That's right...they choose to read it! I guess I should be flattered.

(cartoon by FiztheAncient)

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