Saturday 8 December 2012

The Mystery of the Grey Line

Some debate at the office this week after a mysterious light grey line appeared on Google Maps from the Salton Sea to Monterey Bay that ran right over Redlands. Nothing better than a mapping curiosity to divert attention from work. So what is it?

Here are a selection of the theories on the mile wide feature:

  • mis-aligned administrative boundary...but there aren't any that shape or position nearby
  • San Andreas fault...but it only matches part of the fault's position and why would it be symbolised like this?
  • a little known boundary accidentally symbolised too large
  • a planned new high-speed public transport rail link (huh? in California...c'mon!)
  • a newly found subduction zone
  • a pipeline (well, it does disappear under the San Bernardino mountains)
  • a planned pipeline
  • an irrigation ditch
  • new river to drain what's left of the Salton Sea
  • a spatial reality distortion zone that just happens to fall across Redlands (think about it...)

The answer, thanks to a friendly Google man in the know: probably a rendering bug. Simple. Back to work...fixing our own rendering bugs ;-)

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