Friday 4 May 2012

Some stuff from my other blogs

I tend to use my Cartonerd blog as a personal space to vent...usually on maps that have left me speechless due to their poor design or some other lazy, immature or blatantly ridiculous way of trying to communicate in map form.  If you know me, you'll also know that this is one side of what I do.  In my day job, I make and write about maps and generally promote good quality map design so here's a couple of links to some stuff from the blogs I contribute to elsewhere.

My colleague (Damien Demaj) and I put together a quick checklist/cheat sheet/help document that we recently shared that is designed to give people a really brief guide to thinking about your map in design terms.  It's self explanatory but we've had a lot of people find it useful in reflecting on their own mapping.  Check out Using a mapmaking checklist for map design via Esri's Mapping Center blog

Damien and I also recently collaborated on a couple of papers in The Cartographic Journal and as Chair of the International Cartographic Association's Commission on Map Design I was able to modify one of the papers to publish it on the blog.  We completed a survey of cartographers to allow us to compile a list of great maps that inspire and show off cartographic techniques.  These are available for viewing in the Map Examples section.

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