Monday 30 January 2012

CNN's Carto No No

Well what can you say about that one? Anything positive? The map illustrated the story of phone-hacking arrests in London (reported on 29th January) so let's be generous and say that they've managed to name and position the North Sea correctly but after that, well...maybe it was made by one of the 70% of Americans who don't hold a passport? It does very little to dissuade the rest of the world of the view that many American's know anything about world geography. And let's be clear...this wasn't on Fox News (as @iapainter pointed out)...this is CNN!

Just to clarify: London has been positioned where Norwich exists. That places it about 120 miles north east of its true location. Cornwall (a county) is given a point symbol somewhere near Falmouth. England is labelled (and shaded) but no Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Presumably 'Ireland' relates to the Republic of Ireland but that’s unclear and a ‘United Kingdom’ label is neatly positioned in the North Sea and manages to provide absolutely no indication of precisely what it relates to.


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